Wide View
The photographs included in this gallery, made between 1998 and 2000, were my first explorations of extreme wide-angle photography. Working with a Horseman 6x12 camera, the angle of view was so wide (nearly 180 degrees), that what the camera recorded was far wider in scope than the eye could see. I came to love and respect the camera as a means to freedom from conventional perspective - to discover later, on the developed film, what I could only intuit from the subject or scene. This work led directly to the Orchard series, and was a precursor of the panoramic work that I began in 2003.
Wide View-1.jpg

Wide View - 1

Wide View-2.jpg

Wide View - 2

Wide View-4.jpg

Wide View - 4

Wide View-5.jpg

Wide View - 5

Wide View-7.jpg

Wide View - 7

Wide View-8.jpg

Wide View - 8

Wide View-11.jpg

Wide View - 11

Wide View-12.jpg

Wide View - 12

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